Traffic, but No Sales — What Gives?

If you’ve done everything you can to increase traffic to your website and can see results in your analytics that show you are getting lots of traffic, you should expect to see sales…right?future-158295_640.png

Not necessarily.

If your website has lots of traffic but limited to zero sales, there might be a bigger problem.

The problem? Bots.

What Are Bots, Exactly?

Over 50% of traffic on the internet is made up of bots. That’s a staggering number, and is one that should never go unnoticed. Bots can wreak havoc on your bottom line if you don’t take the proper measures to block them.

So what are bots, exactly? There are two kinds of internet bots: the good kind and the bad kind. The good bots are things like search engine bots and performance monitoring bots that crawl your website to help improve search engine results, gather information, and more. Bad bots can affect your website speed, steal valuable information, and most importantly ruin your search engine rankings. They can also heavily skew your analytics and conversation rates.

person writing dollar sign on sketch bookHow Bots are Affecting Your Sales

Bots can provide false data on analytics, including the traffic coming to your website. If you’re wondering why you’re getting tons of traffic but no sales, it may be because a majority of your traffic is coming from bots — and bots can’t make purchases. This means that if a majority of the traffic that is coming to your website are bots, there will be no purchase rate. This will also heavily affect your conversion rates. While your analytics may be telling you that you have high traffic, in all reality you’re not getting any real valuable traffic at all!

Alternatively, bots can sign up or fill out submission forms which can increase your conversion rates — but these analytics are skewed and misleading as well.

Take the Right Measures

Bots can severely affect your bottom line by impacting your KPIs (pageviews, page rank, revenue, CTR, etc.). This is why you should consider investing in bot protection software. This type of software can prevent bots from affecting your KPIs, prevent content theft, form spam, and more. There are many different bot blocking techniques you can practice. Stay tuned for my next blog post to learn more about them!


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