3 Ways to Get Quick Results With SEO

quick results with seo: scrabble letters spelling out seo

SEO (search engine optimization) is often considered by many businesses as a long-term strategy that only produces results when stretched over a lengthy period of time. While this is true to some degree, there are also things you can do to deliver quick results with SEO that can increase your organic rankings and bring more traffic to your website.

Google is constantly making changes to its algorithm. It is extremely important to stay on top of these Google updates and trends so that you can adapt accordingly and make these changes quickly so that you see immediate results.

There are many tactics that can make you rank quickly. These tactics can be implemented in a matter of minutes and are very easy to apply. Here are 3 of them.

Ways to Get Quick Results With SEO

1. Page Load Speed

If your page load speed is extremely slow, users will be quick to leave your site, reducing your page views and affecting your bounce rate. Google prioritizes the user experience above most things when determining ranking factors, and the speed at which your website loads is one of the main things Google looks at. If your page load speeds are slow, you will not rank – even if your SEO tactics have hit the mark in every other category. This is perhaps the simplest and easiest fix you can do to immediately improve your rankings. 

2. Republishing/Updating Old Blog Posts

Republishing or updating old blog posts that are not optimized for SEO is a great way to improve your rankings. Doing so can get these posts to appear higher in your website architecture, allowing more people to see them. When deciding which posts to update or republish, use Google Analytics to see your most popular posts by page views and impressions, and update them as you see fit. This is a great way to make your content more relevant and improve your chances of having the content appear in search results.

3. Google’s Answer Box

Google’s answer boxes display answers which are relevant to a person’s search. If you target key phrases in your content which are in the format of a question, it is possible to have the optimized content displayed in an answer box. This is crucial and invaluable because Google’s answer box sits on the number one ranked spot on Google, which is seen first by all searchers. The answers in the answer box also have links which people can click on. This is why it is crucial to build your SEO strategy with this in mind. Put questions as H2 headers in your content and answer the questions as clearly as you can. You can then link to other pages with more in-depth information about the questions at hand.

To get quick results with SEO, use the above strategies to ensure you see improvements in rankings.


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